Anti-drip Polycarbonate sheet and LT Control sheet Introduction

Author : admin UpdateTime : 2013/10/31

Anti-drip Polycarbonate sheet and LT Control sheet Introduction

Chiancess® Anti-drip sheet

Chiancess® A nti-drip sheet, in addition to the extraordinary properties of standard 2 side UV resistant Chiancess® sheet, also features a specially developed coating on the inner surface which reduces the formation of condensation droplets. This property is particularly important in helping to prevent crop spoilage in commercial greenhouses, by falling condensation droplets.There is no reduction in light transmission due to condensation water droplets. It is the ideal roof glazing material in any application where water drops are unacceptable. For instance: greenhouses/verandas/ sunrooms/ swimming pool enclosures/ industrial roof glazing.

Chiancess® LT Control sheet

Chiancess® LT Control sheet makes use of a new and innovative technology platform of solar energy absorption. The Chiancess® LT Control sheets are transparent with a green (GN), blue (BL) or grey(GY) tint, which blocks near-Infrared light but lets in high levels of visible light. Chiancess® LT Control sheet offers: high light transmission combined with low solar transmission, 2 sides unique UV protection,various structures (2/3/4 walls R-structures, X-structures, H-structures,D-structures), long-term weathering resistance and high impact strength.