Chiancess® U-structure Polycarbonat sheet

Author : admin UpdateTime : 2013/10/31

Chiancess® U-structure Polycarbonat sheet

At present, the system of Chiancess® U-structure sheet has been designed without any bolt and aluminium profile to meet 100% waterproof, what's more it has reached the lowest U value. It is good at economizing resource in order to protect our environment.Their wide range of application make you find a right solution for acontinuously developing construction industry.The syetem of chiancess U-structure sheet,all sheets used in selflocking structure,itself doesn't use the mounting screws .That can fundamentally prevent the plate installation and appilication from any infulence of expanding from the heat and contracting from the cold .It Not only solves the problem of the leakage,but also significantly extend the life of sheet.

That has many applications as following:

Industrial plants (skylights, shelters, vertical glazing, partition walls, etc.)

Housing and commercial buildings (bus shelters, domes, tunnels, etc.)

Recreational buildings (stadium, swimming-pools and gymnasium, etc.)

Agricultural buildings (greenhouses, garden centres, etc)

Also other application as you think so.