Chiancess® clear sheet and Chiancess® Easyclean sheet Introduction

Author : admin UpdateTime : 2013/10/31

Chiancess® clear sheet and Chiancess® Easyclean sheet Introduction

Chiancess® clear sheet

Chiancess® clear sheet, 2 side proprietar y sur face treatment designed to protect the sheet against the degrading effects of ultraviolet radiation in natural sunlight. 2 sides UV protected surfaces offers advantage in economical cutting the sheet in desired shapes and installation mistakes are minimized since both sheet surfaces may be faced outwards.

Chiancess® Easyclean sheet

Chiancess® Easyclean sheet makes use of a new and innovative technology platform of self cleaning properties. The extraordinary hydrophobic coating on the outside surface reduces the surface tension of polycarbonate and increases the contact angle of water to the sheet this causes larger droplets to form and wash away dirt as the droplets roll down the sheet.

Chiancess® Easyclean sheet comes standard with a unique 2 side UV proprietary surface treatment but can be combined with Antidrip propert y on the inner side of the sheet forming a unique combination of having a Chianc e s s s he e t withselfcle aning properties on the out side and a surface treatment on the inside which reduces the formation of condensation droplets to prevent loss of light transmission.