Chiancess® lock Polycarbonate sheet

Author : admin UpdateTime : 2013/10/31

Chiancess® lock Polycarbonate sheet

Chiancess® lock Polycarbonate sheet is an 8RS-structured multi-wall polycarbonate panel with profiled tongue and groove connections. This interconnecting system eliminates the need for vertical profiles, thereby saving costs and enhancing aesthetics. It is an ideal product to create flush profile-free facades in different colors and effects, this combined with the ease of installation and the variety in colors in particular render this panel highly suitable for facades and wall cladding. Chiancess® lock sheet has one side proprietary surface treatment designed to protect the sheet against the degrading effects of ultra-violet radiation in natural sunlight.Lock st yle connect technology make the system reach 100% waterproof,and the K value decreased to 1.1W/(m2.k), suitable for vail wall,indoor folding screen area. Moreover,the surface print technical can make the individuation desire of colorful surface and art effect come ture.

Typical applications include:

Industrial Sidewalls

Commercial Side walls Greenhouses

Railway/Metro Station

Interior decoration